fall cleaning

since i am a broke college student who has a shopping addiction, it is time to clean out my closet and hopefully earn some cash. even though i do this almost every other week, this time i decided to go back home and clean out my old clothes i had left there as well. i went through my clothes and made four piles; keep, goodwill, facebook marketplace, and plato’s closet.
the piles were determined by several different factors such as the “keep” pile were items that had sentimental meaning or something i still wear. then for plato’s closet, they are picky about what clothes they except and coordinate with what is selling the best. then i took the items that were good, but know would not make the cut for plato’s and put on facebook. all of the rest of the clothes went into the goodwill pile.
surprisingly the stuff i had at home was easy to separate, but i found it difficult letting go of some of the items in my closet. i kept saving clothes that i bought last year and still haven’t worn. then i end up keeping clothes that are too small just to have when i lose more weight.
since i was facing such a tough time separating from unneeded items of clothing i finally figured out a system. i tried on every item & if i did not like it i put it in one of the four piles. also if it was an item that i have not worn in over a year or haven’t worn it since i bought it, it was pitched.
finally, i ended up with four massive piles of clothes that i am now trying to find them new homes. with that being said if anyone is interested in purchasing any of my items please visit my facebook page. XOXO.

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