welcome to my blog!

i am so excited that you have decided to check out my blog and i hope you enjoy it! please keep in mind that i am new to this and if you have any suggestions they will be greatly appreciated :). i have always been interested in the beauty world, but never thought i could make a career out of it. however, due to recent events in my life i was looking for something to help change my life for the better and hopefully be able to impact the lives of others as well. it was then when i decided to finally take action and follow my 2 favorite things, makeup and fashion.

even though i am not a cosmetologist or stylist,  i do have experience in both areas and figured why not share my knowledge with others through the internet. with that being said,  i plan to upload a new video to my youtube channel every wednesday and two blog posts throughout the week. so if you are interested in joining me on this crazy journey please follow my blog and subscribe to my channel!!




** please feel free to reach out to me with any requests, questions or ideas. thank you for all of your support. XOXO.



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beauty blogger with a dream & youtube channel.

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