what is christmas w/out the decor?


christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year with all the twinkly lights and snow. however, it is also not the easiest season on anyone’s wallet and if you’re a broke college student like me you want to find the cheapest way to spread holiday cheer. i am one who loves decorating and anyone who knows me knows that the lights and glitter aspects of christmas decorations is right up my alleyway.

my family has a tradition that all the girls go shopping the day after christmas and that is when all the holiday items go on sale, which is broke girl heaven. trust me i try to go above and beyond with decorating, but my budget suffers so this year i decided to make diy decorations for cheap.


first, an easy diy is 3d snowflakes that are adorable and easy on the wallet. all you need is popsicle sticks, glue gun and any color you prefer spray paint (i used gold and red).


another easy and fun decoration for this season is getting any glass container and ornaments from the dollar store. this is a simple, yet beautiful display that will fill any room with christmas spirit. you can also add battery operated lights to place in the containers as well.


this next one is from my amazing mother and her friends that are adorable. all you need is a styrofoam cone, plastic spoons or forks and glue to make these christmas trees. if you are looking for an additional step go ahead and paint the spoons.


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