the perfect gift for everyone

christmas is right around the corner and if you are still struggling to find that perfect gift for everyone on your list you will want to keep reading to find some ideas on what to give them.

  1. candle – always a good, yet a simple gift that everyone will enjoy.
  2. gift basket – this is always an easy, affordable gift that can be personalized. do either a movie night, spa day, winter survival kit or even an ice cream sundae bundle.
  3. gift cards – although these gifts may not be as personalized, they are an easy go-to present for those difficult people.
  4. board games – not only is this gift something they can dig out on a rainy day, but also gives you something to do after everyone has opened their gifts.
  5. pj sets – everyone loves pj sets and what is better than getting cute christmasy ones.
  6. blanket – no matter what age, blankets are something you will use from time and time again.
  7. picture – pictures are worth a thousand words, so what better way to spread christmas cheer than giving someone a memorable picture in a cute frame.
  8. dvds – shop the $5 movie bins at walmart to stock up on all the old classic movies that will make a perfect gift.

enjoy christmas shopping 🙂 XOXO.


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