holiday outfits 101


looking for an outfit to wear to your holiday work party? or your family christmas? well, i have the inside report as to what is the trend this holiday. almost every outfit you find it will be in the colors red, black, white, or rose gold as well as there being sequins or glitter all over. whether you are looking for a dressy outfit or something casual, you will get some ideas from reading this article.

as some of you may know i actually work at windsor and we have been helping customers find their perfect outfit for any holiday party. therefore, i decided why not show you guys some go to outfits you can throw together this holiday season.


if you wanna stay comfy this christmas grab your favorite pair of leggings, boots, and stop by any local department store to buy a christmas shirt.
dress up any sweater with a cute sequined skirt and tights. this look can be casual or dressy.
feeling fancy? why not get some high waisted dress pants to pair with any sequined top to glam it up a bit. also don’t be afraid to add some colors to this outfit.
what better way to dress up than wear a sequined dress with a statement necklace?
you can never go wrong with the traditional sweater, jeans, and boots combo. this outfit is perfect for any holiday occasion.
velvet is in. grab any velvet dress and pair it with heels or flats. if you are looking for a warmer look throw on a pair of black or even sequined tights.

hope you guys find this helpful! XOXO.


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