christmas traditions


almost everyone has their own special christmas traditions within their families. whether it be wearing matching pjs to bed christmas eve or taking a vacation as a family. these moments are very special and are the ones you will remember forever because spending time with your family brings you happiness.

however, if you are someone who does not have a family during christmas, start making your own traditions that you can share one day with your own family. never forget that you are stronger than what you think and have a merry christmas.

all in all christmas time is not all about the presents, it’s the memories created that are crucial because one day you’ll look back and solely remember the joy and reflect upon all the great times over the years.

some of my favorite christmas traditions consist of spending christmas eve at grandmas eating food and opening presents. then, of course, us girls in the family never miss the day after christmas shopping, which believe it or not used to be just like black friday.


merry christmas ♡



ps. don’t forget to check out my newest video for the last day of my 12 days of christmas countdown!


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