my new​ year’s​ resolution

to kick start my year i am going to be attending cosmetology school and finally follow my dreams. i have always found passion in this field, but for some reason settled to go to college and pay for classes that never interested me enough. however, i feel relieved that i am finally figuring out my life a little more and more. this step in my life is the first thing i have felt sure about in a long time. with that in mind, i decided that this year is going to lead to a whole new me.

this year has not been the best for me, i have had more downs than ups, but am preparing to make 2018 the best year possible. so i decided to make a list of everything i plan to do in the new year, which is also known as one’s new year’s resolution. here are the 18 things i plan to do in the year 2018:

  1. workout regularly (i know typical resolution).
  2. start meditating more.
  3. eat healthier.
  4. never look back.
  5. make a difference in someone’s life.
  6. take every opportunity that may arise.
  7. have faith.
  8. stick to a budget.
  9. put more in savings.
  10. drink more water.
  11. write in a journal daily.
  12. take a stand.
  13. be more positive.
  14. travel more.
  15. be more confident.
  16. make time to relax.
  17. start doing yoga.
  18. take more risks.

don’t forget to make your own new year’s resolution and shoot for the stars because anybody can do anything they set their mind to. happy new years my loves. xoxo.


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