new year, new you

hey guys, sorry i have been late for posting my makeup videos as well as my blog posts, but i have been crazy busy. since winter break has finally come to an end all of my roommates have been coming home and i spent most of my time reuniting and catching up with everyone.

however, i did not forget about you and am finally here to catch up on my to-do list. with it being the new year i thought it was important to talk about going into 2018 with a better outlook. for those of you who don’t know me all that well i have recently been going through some life changing events and my biggest resolution is to focus on myself more.

i think it is really important for everyone to take the time to be selfish sometimes and do what’s best for them. this could be going to the gym or even going to a movie by yourself, anything that makes you a happier, healthier you.

here are a list of 5 things i have been working on and have had great results in finding myself as well as being the happiest i have been in a long time:

  1. a positive outlook may be easy to say, but it is a tad more difficult to practice in your everyday life. we as a society tend to look for the worst in things, which eats away at our happiness. our attitudes are what rule our life and if you look at everything in a negative way you could end up being more hostile, withdrawn, and much more.
  2. plan your path in life because now is the year to sit down and figure out what you want to do with yours. my biggest advice to you is to not be scared like i was and always follow your dreams. i ended up paying for schooling that i had no interest in and now i have finally started doing what i love. not only that i have also been happier and more enthused to live my life to the fullest.
  3. find your bounce back method especially for any of those hard times that may come, finding a way back to positivity is very important. life is very unpredictable and unfair at times, but we are still able to control the end outcome. try meditating or breathing techniques to help calm you down. my favorite app for guided meditating is inscape.
  4.  accepting your flaws is something everyone should do more of in the year 2018 because not everyone is perfect. do not let anyone put you down for being you because i guarantee they are not perfect either. from the wise words of hannah montanna “everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days . . . nobody’s perfect”. also know that someone else might love the thing you hate most about yourself. we tend to always see the worst in ourselves.
  5. my meaning in life is something i really questioned in the last year and i know there are others out there who wonder the same. i have one very important quote that has gotten me through some hard times and that is that “everything happens for a reason”. even a major setback has it’s own reason and no matter what, you will always get to the place you were meant to be.


i hope you will join me in the path of taking back our lives and starting to live the best life we possibly can. always take risks, always choose what makes you happy, and always follow your dreams. let’s make 2018 our own. xoxo.


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