confidence: belief in oneself and one’s power or abilities.

now this concept is hard to come by nowadays especially with the role that social media plays in our everyday lives. except it is only a way to see the best of people, never their worst, plus it enables them to pick what you see. no one is going to post pictures that show their worst, but the pictures that show them at their very best. it sucks because people should be walking around with great confidence and feeling unstoppable, which could eventually lead to a more successful life as well.

however, it is hard to keep your confidence up, i know, but there are ways to learn to be more confident. now i know all these things that people tell you to do to become more self-confident such as thinking positive, accept your failures, and much more. these are all great ways to help boost your confidence, but they are something that takes time.

i personally boost my confidence by turning on my favorite songs and dancing around. as well as telling myself that everybody has something unique about them and that that one thing could change their lives. i try my best to be fully confident in everything i do and even if i fail i keep pushing back. i think the most important thing i have learned in life so far is that it is a constant tug of war game, it can drag you down but if you fight hard enough you can win.

just keep in mind that everyone has their flaws and some of those flaws may even be the thing people love most about them. you are beautiful inside and out. xoxo.


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