i’m back

to all my readers,

i know i have been mia on both my blog and youtube for the last couple months, but it was all for a reason. i felt that i couldn’t truly help others when i was unable to help myself. the whole reason i started doing this was not to become anything big but to follow my dreams as well as help others in need.

i have been through a lot recently and honestly if it wasn’t for my support system, i don’t know where i would be. due to these recent events i have come to the conclusion that there is no need to keep it a secret and that my story could possibly help others. i am not doing this for attention, i am doing this for the people in this world who need something to relate to and hopefully give them strength to live their best possible life. with that in mind, i also want all my readers to know that if they need anything and i mean anything that they feel free to reach out to me through email or social media. even if it’s just to talk, i am here and hope to be of any help.

although i have started making the moves in my life and progressing in my career i have hit many bumps in the road. i have come to realize that some of the people in my life were manipulating me in ways of their gain causing me to fall into a deep depression. i have taken time off to focus on myself and my needs, which have luckily helped me gain the confidence i needed to continue this life. i have always known that society is one to tear others down, but what i didn’t know was that some of the closest people would do the same. even though i am one to help others, sometimes it is impossible to help those who don’t want the help.

it is also very important to put yourself first every once in awhile and i am one to contest to that. i used to always put others first until i was completely drained and found myself in desperate need of rebuilding. i have promised myself that i will devote some of my blog posts to my techniques of rebuilding and becoming a stronger person.


thank you guys for your continued support and love. xoxo.


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