i am currently a student @ Douglas J Aveda Institute.

stay tuned for new hair looks.

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simple updos with simple explanations:

french braid updo: curl the entire head as desired. create a french braid on side & form rest of the hair into a ponytail on the side. bobby pin of remaining hair to mesh into a formal updo.
mohawk updo: curl the entire head as desired. divide hair into three sections creating separate ponytails. bobby pin the hair around to hide the hair ties and meshing the sections together.
half up and tuck: curl the entire head as desired. start from the top and take sections rolling these pieces of hair into a barrel curl and pin with a bobby pin. continue this method down half the head to form the pictured result.
rope braid updo: curl entire head as desired. take a side front section and separate into three sections with two fingers and twist away from the face, take the section closest to the face over the middle section and the farthest piece under the new middle. continue this down the strands. finally, hold the longest piece and scrunch the rope braid up to create a loose look. gather the rest of the hair into a ponytail, pinning the hair into an updo